Lecture 7 and 8

Her presence calms the seas a beam and a stone fall

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Unformatted text preview: n Beaufort Catherine Swinford, wife of John of Gaunt, and her sister is Chaucer’s wife. Beaufort has become v. powerful as a cardinal Henry V had to have known Margery’s father Nuns going on pilgrimage becomes more and more interesting, and forbidden John of Gaunt and Catherine Swinford are buried in Lincoln. Women were homebrewers, but as soon as brewing started making money—men took it over Chapter 11: Likely been to the York pageant Bridgitte of Sweden- married but becomes a saint Felix Fabri Margery afraid of being raped—indicative of the time period? Comunitas- but nobody likes Margery (counterculture) At least 2 miracles here, but need 3 for sainthood. The first is the church at Lynn,...
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