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Lollard very orthodox in her outlook lollards dont

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Unformatted text preview: has undergone a conversion. There is the first time that the priest tries to write it, and then he does. His own conversionary experience. Bishop’s Lynn was an important and prosperous city. Not an artisan guild, but an upper crust religious guild. 14 children, but speaks only of 1. Imitatio Christi, important example of Margery as Christ. Through her example, she converts her son. Has her own sermon on the mount when standing on the upper floor of the house she is visiting and speaking to the people. Lollard? Very orthodox in her outlook. Lollards don’t believe in pilgrimage, except in the fact that she teaches and preaches—what the Lollards wanted. She would have made people uncomfortable, but absurd that she is a Lollard. Has ties to Joa...
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