Lecture 7 and 8

The east are unfamiliar with war inactive 3rd muslims

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Unformatted text preview: in Jerusalem or kill all the people, which is the fulfillment of the pilgrimage? William of Tyre: 3 reasons for failure 1st- Our forefathers were religious, now wicked generation and false. 2nd- in earlier times, zeal for faith were accustomed to military discipline. The east are unfamiliar with war, inactive. 3rd- Muslims united 28/2/2012 Hansianic league? WE only learn about Margery Gets into trouble First female autobiography, but maybe not true. If you are illiterate, as Margery was, it means that can you truly write it? Although there is vigor in the text, like in Margery, probs not Probably a priest Margery imitatio Christi, as a means of bringing reform and bringing it from the people. Thomas something as an influence for the priest Is the priest the one who...
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