Like god in the bible the disciples are all fools

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Unformatted text preview: edonism There are cross cultural ideas: faustian, Oedipal, etc. The whole book (pilgrimage) is a philosophical presentation of emptiness, being free. The forms are illusion. The heart sutra is the shortest one, just a few lines, but it is the thing we get from it. Monkey is the real thing, the parson really understands. But no one wants to talk to him, they call him a Lollard. Henry Bailey, is he like Kuan- yin? Like God? In the bible, the disciples are all fools. Tripitaka in Journey to the West is that he has lived a perfect, brilliant life and that he has achieved immortality. As he is on this journey, the demons know that if they eat him/have sex with him, he will confirm upon them immortality. Taboos: ea...
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