Lecture 2 and 3

Having it more vague makes the details pop the

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Unformatted text preview: that benefit from the shrine has a bias against it. December 29, 1170. There were originally 29 pilgrims in the Canterbury tales. Beckett was canonized by 1173. There was a quick summation to the shrine in the cult of Beckett. Christ is often referred to as the Physician. The dreams and visions are important to the middle ages as a whole. Dreams and visions portray saints as doctors in action. The pilgrims are quite normal in terms of congregating and gathering in London to go to Kent (Canterbury) There was a shift from the lower classes (beginning of cult) to upper classes later. The primary place of origin of people, who were not English, was the French because Beckett was there. Pilgrimage is not an uncommon theme in English literature But rather than to avoid the...
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