Lecture 2 and 3

Were the cures alike wallsingham saint the different

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Unformatted text preview: xile in other versions Human life on earth as just a pilgrimage, the life of the true believer is home with god. An establishment in the Bible as a temporary pilgrimage Finucani- Miracles and Pilgrims People went to Canterbury for cures. Were the cures alike? Wallsingham (saint) The different people who recorded the miracles have different views. There were people in France who had remnants of Beckett’s clothing, since he did live there. They cult had subsidiary shrines in France. Take away water from Canterbury. If they are not from England, they take those to somewhere else and establish a shrine elsewhere. Sacrality is transportable. Miracles happen almost immediately, the locals sopped up some of the blood from Beckett’s murder. 34 enormous carts of gems, silver, etc....
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