This way it gives students a good opportunity the

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Unformatted text preview: sented in class clashes with one’s own experience, the student must be encouraged to be open to new ideas and views. To fully understand the situation of the learners, the Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning suggests asking students to write a short “intellectual autobiography”. This way, it gives students a good opportunity the reflect on their own experiences as well as gives the teacher a good understanding of how to best meet the class’ needs. In this “intellectual autobiography”, students should mention how the course will meet their needs, why they enrolled in the course, and what other commitments they have outside the classroom. Techniques to be used: Let’s start off with a technique we learned about in class from Daniel Pratt. Out of the 4 perspectives we learned about so far, I believe that the apprenticeship perspective is the best fit for an adult student coming from the professional work field. This perspective socializes students into new behavioral norms and professional ways of working. (source: ­5 ­teaching ­perspectives) Most of the time, the returning adult learner will need to use the newly acquired knowledge as soon as they complete their education. Keeping that in mind, the role of the teacher changes after the learner becomes more mature and able. The teacher will give more responsibilities to the students and the students will progress from dependent to independent workers. This is crucial as once the adult learner returns to the professional environment, there will be no teacher to turn to and no time to flip through notes and textbooks. As I plan to eventually obtain my MBA after a period of working, this next technique is particularly interesting to me. One of the most popular teaching methods used on MBA students retur...
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