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Unformatted text preview: b. c. d. e. AND OR XOR NAND NOR Page 12 of 25 18.Consider a talking book where the original audio has a bandwidth ( ) of 1,000 Hz and is sampled at 3,000 times a second. Let each sample be quantized to 16 levels. How many seconds could a memory of 120,000 bits store? a. 10 ms. b. 1 second. c. 2 seconds. d. 5 seconds. e. 10 seconds. 19.What Nyquist sampling rate is needed for the analog signal ( ) ( ) ( )? a. 100 Hz b. 200 Hz c. 300 Hz d. 400 Hz e. 600 Hz Several 3-bit data words have a parity bit appended to them prior to transmission to create 4-bit code words. The following message is received: 1010111110101101 20.Which 4-bit word most likely contains a bit error? a. The first. b. The second. c. The third. d. The fourth. e. There does not appear to be any errors. Page 13 of 25 Consider the two signals shown in these two graphs, where the peak voltage is the same but the period of the bottom function is half the period of the ( ). top function. For the top function, the RMS voltage is () ()...
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