Top function for the top function the rms voltage is

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Unformatted text preview: 21.What is the RMS voltage for the lower graph? a. ( ) b. ( ) c. ( ) d. ( ) e. √ ( ) For the next problem, consider this graph of a signal with period 22.Find a. b. c. d. e. : . 0V 1V 1.5 V 2V 2.5 V Page 14 of 25 Each day, Timmy Tesla spends about 9 hours in his dorm room (D), 2 hours in the lunch room (L), 6 hours in Everitt Lab (E), 3 hours in the student lounge (S), 2 hours in the computer lab (C), and 2 hours anywhere else (A). This is summarized in the table below. Location: Hours: D 9 L 2 E 6 S 3 C 2 A 2 23.What is the relative frequency of finding Timmy in Everitt Lab? a. 6 % b. 12% c. 25% d. 33% e. 50% 24.What is the entropy of Timmy’s locations? a. 2.3 b. 3.3 c. 4.3 d. 5.3 e. 6.3 Suppose Timmy uses GPS location estimation and the following code to automatically send his location to his mother every five seconds. D 10 L 000 E 01 S 011 C 010 A 001 25.How many bits per Symbol does Timmy send on average assuming the relative frequencies implied from before? a. entropy b. 2.375 c. 2.667 d. 3.000 e. 3.333 Page 15 of 25 For the next...
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