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input file1c input file2c g means c ompile with

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Unformatted text preview: s how y ou the rec ommended way of doing a c omplete build of an ex ec utable with one c all to gc c : gc c -g -s td= c 99 -W all -W error -o output-ex ec utable -l library 1 [-l library 2] ... input-file1.c [input-file2.c ] ... -g means c ompile with debugging s y mbols . This will allow the debugger to find the C s ourc e line c orres ponding to mac hine c ode (y ou'll learn more about the debugger later) -std= c99 means us e the ANSI 1999 C s tandard. This is the modern dialec t of the C programming language. -W a ll means warn about all pos s ible problems with y our c ode. Pa y a tte ntion to w a rnings the com pile r outputs. -W e rror means fail if there are any warnings . W e rec ommend us ing this option unles s y ou are abs olutely s ure warnings y ou are getting are harmles s . -o output-e x e cuta ble indic ates that the program to be built s hould be c alled output-ex ec utable -l libra ry means link with library at the link ing s tage input-file 1.c input-file 2.c are the inputs files implementing y our program, written in C It is not nec es s ary to give the -o flag when y ou c ompile y our C c ode. If y ou do not s pec ify the name of y our output file us ing the -o flag then the c ompiler gives the output in a file named a .out. Try c ompiling "hello-world.c " without the -o flag to s ee for y ours elf. Gc c will preproc es s , c ompile, as s emble, and link y our program for y ou in one go. And jus t to review, to load and ex ec ute the program if it's in the curre nt w orking dire ctory, we do the following: ./program Linking libraries with C Many times , we write programs that us e func tions from different libraries . For ins tanc e, we have a math library for C, whic h c an be inc luded with a preproc es s or direc tive. The header file to be inc luded is c alled "math.h". This header file provides y ou func tions lik e pow(),s in(),c os (),tan() etc . You c an direc tly us e thes e func tions and henc e reduc e y our work load. Another library is the s tring library , whic h helps y ou ​ rform s tring operations if y ou inc lude the "s tring.h&q...
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