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But inc luding thes e header files in y our program

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Unformatted text preview: uot; header. It provides pe func tions lik e s trc py (), s trc at(), s trlen() etc . Thes e func tions are us ed to c opy one s tring to another, c onc atenate two s trings and find the length of a s tring res pec tively . But, inc luding thes e header files in y our program is not enough. You have to tell the c ompiler (gc c in our c as e) to link the libraries to the objec t c ode that the c ompiler produc es . W ithout the needed library objec ts , the link er will produc e an error c omplaining about "undefined s y mbols " bec aus e it c an't find the implementation for a func tion that y ou us ed in y our c ode. If y ou us e a math func tion (provided in the math.h header file) y ou would have to give a -lm flag to the c ompiler s o that it k nows that it has to link the math library . Similarly , if y ou us e any s tandard C func tion in y our program (s uc h as "printf" or "s c anf", or s ome of the s tring func tions ), y ou have to us e the flag -lc. This will tell the c ompiler to link y our objec t c ode with the s tandard C library . By default gc c will link with the C library even if y ou don't tell it to, s o y ou c an get away with omitting "-lc ". However, in general, y ou s hould not rely on the c ompiler to implic itly do this for y ou. Ex plic itly telling the c ompiler what libraries y our program needs is c ons idered good prac tic e. Lab 3 Assignment Ty pe in the following program. Save it as lab3.c in lab3 s ubdirec tory . #nld <ti.> icue sdoh #eieFNS 1 dfn IIH itmi ( n an ) { itnm,nm,as n u1 u2 n; pit (Etrtoitgr:"; rnf "ne w nees ) saf(%%" &u1 &u2; cn "dd, nm, nm) pit (Mseyporm.\"; rnf "ytr rga..n) i ( = nm) f 0 = u2 { pit (ivldipt\"; rnf "nai nu!n) } es le { fr(n =nm /nm;as> FNS;as=as/2 o as u1 u2 n = IIH n n ) { pit (%\" as; rnf "dn, n) } } } rtr 0 eun ; Compile and run this program with the following s et of inputs : a) num1= 10000 and...
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