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Dongjun lee says sep 11 i am doing lab3 and i have

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Unformatted text preview: olas Foss says: Sep 11 I c an't figure out why eac h input res ults in "my s tery program..." as an output. Am I jus t not inputting c orrec tly ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 11 Only "my s tery program"? Or does it output s ome numbers ? Try to manually follow the logic of the program and manually figure out the ex pec ted output for eac h of the inputs . Dongjun Lee says: Sep 11 I am doing Lab3 and I have problem COMMITing W hen i "s vn c ommit", it s hows that "s vn: 'home/lee431/ec e198jl/lab3' is not a work ing c opy ." if i try "s vn s tatus " is s hows "? lab3" is it bec aus e it is not firmed to add lab3 direc tory ? how s hould i c onfirm to add the folder? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 11 Have y ou added lab3 to s vn firs t? You need to review Lab 1. Gabriella Quirini says: Sep 11 I s tarted the lab off by doing "mk dir lab3" ins tead of "s vn mk dir lab3" by ac c ident. Now its not letting me c ommit my c ompleted lab, is there a way to fix this or do I have to s tart over? Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 11 s vn add lab3 Dongjun Lee says: Sep 11 i got it thank s Daniel Baldw in says: Sep 12 Hello! I'm try ing to run the lab3.c program us ing ./lab.c however when I do this I get the following error mes s age ./lab3.c : line 4: s y ntax error near unex pec ted tok en `(' ./lab3.c : line 4: `int main ()' I c opied and pas ted the c ode direc tly into my lab3.c file s o I'm pretty c ertain it does n't have any thing to do with that... Als o, when I try to s ave my work in my s ubvers ion I ty pe: s vn c ommit -m "added lab3", and my terminal will go to the nex t line w/o giving me any feedbac k , however when I c hec k my s ubvers ion online, it s hows that nothing has been added... ./lab3.c : line 4: s y ntax error near unex pec ted tok en `(' ./lab3.c : line 4: `int main ()' Daniel Baldw in says: Sep 12 Fix ed the s ec ond part of my is s ue (not being able to update my repos itory ), but I s till c annot run lab3.c Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 12 W hat did y ou have to do to run hello-world? Daniel Baldw in says: Sep 13 Figured it out, s orry I'm s tupid... Had forgot to ty pe -o lab3 when I was c ompiling it. Managed to s end it in about 10 minutes before it was due too! :D Hemant Raw at says: . Sep 14...
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