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Step 2 compile the c ompiler then tak es preproc es s

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Unformatted text preview: ives . Can y ou figure out what the "#define" direc tive did? Step 2: Compile The c ompiler then tak es preproc es s ed C c ode and trans lates it into as s embly language, in this c as e x 86 as s embler. The following c ompiles hello-world.i into the as s embly language file hello-world.s : gc- - hlowrdshlowrdi c S o el-ol. el-ol. Run this and look at the as s embly language file. One day y ou will learn about the as s embly language. For now, jus t note that our program written in mac hine-independent high-level language C got trans lated into a low-level mac hine-s pec ific as s embly language. Step 3: Assemble The x 86 as s embler tak es the as s embly language file hello-world.s and outputs an objec t file hello-world.o c ontaining x 86 mac hine c ode: a - hlowrdohlowrds s o el-ol. el-ol. Go ahead and run this . The x 86 as s embler outputs a s ingle file, whic h c ontains both s y mbols and mac hine c ode. To s ee the s y mbol table of the file (remember that it's a binary file, s o y ou c an't jus t open it with a tex t editor) us e objdump: ojup- hlowrdo bdm t el-ol. There are two rows of 64-bit hex values (the 0000000000000000s ). The firs t row is the (relative) addres s , the s ec ond is the s iz e of eac h s ec tion. You'll s ee a "main" s y mbol with s iz e x 15, that's y our main s ubroutine. You'll als o s ee a s y mbol c alled "puts " mark ed "UND" for undefined, c an y ou gues s what that is ? Step 4: Link Link ing c ombines multiple objec t files into one pac k age, inc luding s hared ob jec t files that are s hared by many different programs running on the s y s tem, als o k now as lib raries . Run the following to us e the link er program "ld" to link hello-world.o with the objec t files it needs to run, produc ing the exec utab le b inary "hello-world": l - hlowrd-yai-ikr/i6/dlnxx66.o2/s/i6/r1o/s/i6/rio d o el-ol dnmclne lb4l-iu-8-4s. urlb4ct. urlb4ct. /s/i/c/8_4rda-iu/../rbgno-chlowrdo/s/i/c/8_4rdaurlbgcx66-ehtlnx445ctei. l el-ol. urlbgcx66-eht l...
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