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Tx t to y our s vn repos itory and c ommit them s o

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Unformatted text preview: num2= 0 b) num1= 10 and num2= 200 c ) num1= 20 and num2= 3 Create file lab3.tx t in the lab3 s ubdirec tory and write down the e x a ct outputs produc ed by y our program for eac h pair of inputs . Mak e s ure to s ave the file. This is it for Lab 3 as s ignment! Jus t add the three files (hello-world.c , lab3.c , and lab3.tx t) to y our s vn repos itory and c ommit them s o that we c an grade y our homework . Comments (44) Hide Comments Collaps e All Earl Moore says: Sep 07 If you e ncounte r e rror w ith "ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x 86_64-re dha t-linux /4.4.5/crtbe gin.o: No such file : No such file or dire ctory" Change 4.4.5 in above ins truc tion into 4.4.6. Does n't work for me either. I als o get an error when I try to run load lab3 and ./lab3 Andrew How ell says: Change the 4.4.5 into 4.4.7 If y ou run the c ommand: "ls /usr/lib/gcc/x 86_64-re dha t-linux /" Sep 07 You will s ee a 4.4.7 folder ins tead of the other two along with a c ouple older vers ions . Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 07 Andrew, thank s for pointing this out. As y ou c an s ee, s y s tem was updated s inc e las t s emes ter and new vers ion of gc c c ompiler and libraries was ins talled. Joshua Seibert says: Sep 09 I added the lab3 ex ec utable to my lab3 direc tory and I was wondering if I were to try to remove the lab3 ex ec utable, how would I go about doing it. I want to ty pe "rm lab3" but I am not s ure if that will delete the direc tory lab3. Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 09 If y ou want to mak e s ure that y ou delete only the file y ou c an us e the -f tag. rm -f lab3 If y ou want to mak e s ure y ou remove the direc tory , y ou c an us e rm -r lab3 Selim Halac says: Sep 09 JUs t c urious , when I run an SVN s tatus , I s ee ? lab2/c ore.12161 Is that bad? W hat is that "c ore"? W hen I c hec k my s vn online, my lab2 file is there and s o are my ans wers , but bec aus e mine has n't been graded y et, I am worried that may be it was n't s ubmitted properly ? Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 09 s inc e y ou wrote two more pos ts that are not in reply to this pos t, did y ou figure out the ans wer to y our problem. I'm not c ertain what th...
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