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3 mathematic ally would y ou ex pec t the s ame res

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Unformatted text preview: are to the fourth? Ex plain. (Hint: look at the hex repres entations of the res ults . How does the floating point format handle negative numbers ?) 3. Mathematic ally , would y ou ex pec t the s ame res ults in c omputations 6 and 7? Do y ou obs erve this res ult ex perimentally ? Ex plain. (Hint: try s tepping through eac h c omputation) 4. W hat happens if y ou try c omputation 6 in double-prec is ion (64-bit) floating-point mode? W hy ? 5. W hy is there notic eable error in c omputation 8, but not 9? (Hint: think of multiply ing floating point numbers lik e multiply ing two numbers in s c ientific notation, how do y ou do it?) 6. The root c aus e of the Ariane 5 roc k et failure was is olated to the c onvers ion of a floating point number, whic h s tored the horiz ontal c omponent of the roc k et's veloc ity , to a 16-bit s igned integer. W hat is the mos t lik ely c aus e of the failure? (Hint: this was n't s ome s mall rounding error, the c omputed veloc ity was way off, c aus ing the s y s tem to go hay wire)...
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