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Geoffrey herman says sep 03 all c omputer bas ed labs

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Unformatted text preview: ? Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 03 That would be c orrec t. Thos e problems are there for y our prac tic e. Peter W ang says: Sep 02 Is the program "binc alc " or the s ourc e c ode available any where other than on the lab c omputers ? I us e a GNU/Linux dis tro as my main OS and I think it's more c onvenient to tak e advantage of that, but I c an't s eem to find binc alc any where. Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 03 All c omputer-bas ed labs s hould be done on the EW S work s tations . W e ins tall all the s oftware y ou need. If y ou want to work remotely , there are way s to do that, but in all hones ty it will probably tak e y ou les s time to go to the EW S labs and do y our labs than to s etup the remote ac c es s . Sanchita Agraw al says: Sep 02 I'm having a little trouble ac c es s ing the c las s ac c ounts home direc tory . This is what I k eep getting: [********@evrt-252-05 ec e198jl]$ ls ~ ec e198jl ls : c annot open direc tory /c las s /ec e198jl: Permis s ion denied I am having trouble ac c es s ing binc alc . Could s omeone pleas e help me out? Volodymyr Kindratenko says:...
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