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I got it to work now andrew w einer says aug 31 in the

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Unformatted text preview: mes s age "permis s ion denied". It does n't let me go and open binc alc . However, when I got to ~ ec e190, I c an eas ily s ee the c ontents and open binc alc . Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Aug 30 The ins truc tions s ay c ~ee9j d /c18l l ~c18l s ee9j ~c18lbnbnac ee9j/i/icl There is no ins truc tion that s ay s ~c18l ee9j Michal Truszkow ski says: Aug 30 thank y ou. I got it to work now. Andrew W einer says: Aug 31 In the s ec tion Multiplica tion, division, m odulus, ques tion 5 gives the hint "Remember the lab introduc tion?" Is that referring to the introduc tion to this lab at the top of this page? I'm not s ure I s ee any thing in there that is relevant to this ques tion... Sean Yen says: Aug 31 W hen it as k s "W hy might this be a good thing?" think realis tic ally . Cons ider the two s c enarios given in the introduc tion. Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 01 It has been brought to our attention that we have not c overed floating point in lec ture y et. If y ou would lik e to pr...
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