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I think this is the s ame ques tion with the larges t

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Unformatted text preview: oc eed with that portion of the lab, I rec ommend that y ou watc h the video lec ture, or read the lec ture notes before proc eeding. W e will dis c us s the mos t appropriate due date for this lab s inc e we do not have lec ture until W ednes day . Qifeng Hu says: Sep 01 I have a ques tion. W hat does it mean by s ay ing what pattern we will s ee when inc rementing repeatedly with 1. I think this is the s ame ques tion with the larges t and s malles t repres entable numbers one, aren't they the s ame? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 01 Say , what will happen when y ou add 1 to 1111 in a 4-bit uns igned repres entation? Qifeng Hu says: Sep 01 It will be 1'0000'. Overflow will oc c ur then, I unders tand this . Zuguang Gao says: Sep 02 W hat does the ex planation for Additional Problems "not re quire d for la b2 cre dit" mean? Am I right by s ay ing that the ans wer for Additional Problems will not be c ounted for the grade of lab2, regardles s of whether the ans wer is right or wrong...
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