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On unix s y s tems a direc tory that c ontains ex ec

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Unformatted text preview: d in binary mac hine c ode. On Unix s y s tems , a direc tory that c ontains ex ec utable (runnable) binaries is c alled “bin” by c onvention. Remember that I s aid program c an be a path? You c an prove it: /i/co'rgasaeptsto' bneh Porm r ah o! Tilde expansion The s hell replac es paths s tarting with a "~ " referenc es y our home direc tory . For ex ample, to go to y our ec e198jl direc tory , y ou c an jus t us e: c ~ee9j d /c18l A “~ ” followed by another us er's name repres ents their home direc tory . W e c an us e the tilde to ac c es s the ec e198jl c las s ac c ount's home direc tory : l ~c18l s ee9j Introducing bincalc You might notic e that there's a “bin” direc tory ins ide ~ ec e199jl. You might further s pec ulate that the “binc alc ” program is ins ide ~ ec e198jl/bin. You'd be right. Let's run the program with no arguments : ~c18lbnbnac ee9j/i/icl This is ac tually inc orrec t us age of the program, s o it will print out s ome us age information. Read this information c arefully . You'll se e tha t a dding a “ -v” fla g w ill m a ke the progra m ve rbose , a nd tha t you m ust a lw a ys give it a m ode to indic...
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