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Run the program in s igned 16 bit mode if y ou s uc c

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Unformatted text preview: a te w ha t bina ry form a t to use (like s8 for signe d 8-bit). Run the program in s igned 16-bit mode. If y ou s uc c eeded, y ou s hould s ee a different prompt that look s s omething lik e this : > This means the s hell has launc hed a program that has tak en c ontrol of the terminal. Onc e the program terminates , y ou'll be bac k at the s hell's prompt again. Enter "ex it" to terminate “binc alc ” and s ee the s hell prompt again. Now launc h binc alc again and put 2 and 2 together: >2+2 4(00) x04 Notic e that the binary enc oding for the res ult is als o printed in hex for y our c onvenienc e. The “+ ” is c alled an operator and 2s are c alled operands . In this c alc ulator, an operator performs a c ertain c omputation with its operands (addition, in this c as e) and produc es a res ult. The obs ervant reader may as k : if we c an s omehow magic ally run “ls ” without s pec ify ing the path, why c an't we do the s ame with “binc alc ”? The ans wer is that we c an do it if the path of "...
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