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Try ty ping binc alc in the c ommand line and c hec k

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Unformatted text preview: binc alc " is s et in the PATH environment variable (s ee Modify ing y our PATH s ec tion for more details ). Try ty ping "binc alc " in the c ommand line and c hec k whether it work s . Lab 2 assignment For this as s ignment, y ou'll be writing y our ans wers to the ques tions below to a tex t file in y our repos itory . Firs t, y ou'll want to c hec k out the lates t vers ion of y our repos itory with the s ubvers ion update c ommand: c ~ee9j d /c18l snudt v pae If you e ncounte r e rror w ith "svn upda te " Remember to go to the ec e198jl folder y ou work ed with in Lab 1, not the one loc ated in /c las s /ec e198jl. "pwd" c ommand is us eful here. If the update went well, y ou s hould s ee a new lab2 direc tory . lab2/lab2.tx t c ontains the ques tions in this ex erc is e. Us e y our tex t editor to put y our res pons es in that file. Don't forget to c ommit to s ubmit y our work , and c hec k the repos itory with y our brows er to verify that y our s ubmis s ion went through. (Review Lab 1 for how to c o...
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