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You may not need to c ontac t cites immediately if

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Unformatted text preview: Sep 03 If this s till does not work , email help@c ites .illinois .edu. CITES deals with login/ac c es s is s ues . Gregory Linkow ski says: Sep 03 I get the s ame is s ue. Emailing c ites as y ou s ugges t. Brendan Moriarty says: Sep 04 I got this is s ue too. However, I was able to ls ~ ec e198jl/bin/ and I was s till able to run ~ ec e198jl/bin/binc alc without is s ue. You may not need to c ontac t CITES immediately if this is the s ame problem as mine. Sep 03 Yumo Chi says: I c an't s ee lab 2 ins ide my ec e198jl folder after I run 's vn update' from ec e198jl direc tory s hould I be doing s omething els e? the only mes s age I s ee is : s k ipped '.' nvm I fix ed it Sep 03 Sean Yen says: It look s lik e it s hould be work ing. Try it again..? Otherwis e y ou c an c ome to offic e hours and may be one of the TA's c an help y ou in pers on. Rebecca Dingledine says: Sep 03 I am unable to us e c d ~ /ec e198jl ls ~ ec e198jl ~ ec e198jl/bin/binc alc when I us e c d ~ /ec e198jl it s...
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