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You will need to us e c d part1ec e198jl ins tead you

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Unformatted text preview: ay s No s uc h file or direc tory then I tried to get to it manually by doing c d part1 then c d ec e198jl but I was s till unable to us e ~ ec e198jl/bin/binc alc Sean Yen says: Sep 03 W hen y ou did s vn c hec k out for lab1, did y ou do that ins ide of the Part1 folder or ins ide of y our home direc tory ? That c ould be why y ou c an't us e c d ~ /ec e198jl. You will need to us e c d ~ /part1/ec e198jl ins tead. You s hould be able to us e binc alc regardles s of where y ou put y our ec e198jl folder though. Rebecca Dingledine says: Sep 03 I believe that I found the problem I entered ~ ec e198jl/bin/binc alc s 16 and it work ed I did not have the s 16 on the firs t one Hemant Raw at says: when I do the c d ~ /ec e198jls vn update c ommand the firs t time I did it I got A got At revis ion 1609 I c ant s ee my lab2 any where Sean Yen says: Sep 03 Grade.tx t. The s ec ond time I did it I Sep 03 If y ou already did s vn update, then y ou don't need to do it again. lab2 will be c hec k ed out a...
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