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Unformatted text preview: Sep 05 So that we c an repres ent even s maller numbers that the normalaliz ed form allows . IEEE 754: Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic Prithvi Garimalla says: Sep 05 For s ome reas on when I c hec k out my s vn repos itory , the lab2.tx t file is c ompletely blank , but when I go to it through the web brows er, I s ee the file has all the ques tions in it. I deleted my original ec e198jl folder then ran s vn c hec k out https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/garimll2 ec e198jl Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 05 Go to Grainger 57 and as k the offic e hours TA for help. Roger Xiao says: Sep 05 Every time I try to c ommit, I get an error s ay ing "/home/rx iao3/ec e198jl/lab1/s tuff/foo.tx t' is s c heduled for addition, but is mis s ing." Is any one els e getting this error? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: This s imply means that file foo.tx t does not ex is t in /home/rx iao3/ec e198jl/lab1/s tuff direc tory . Joey Kim says: Sep 05 Sep 05 W hy is there notic eable error in c omputation 8, but not 9? (Hint: think of multiply ing floating point numbers lik e multiply ing two numbers in s c ientific notation, how do y ou do it?) I k now when multiply ing 2 numbers in s c ientific notation y ou jus t tak e the s um of the ex ponents and multiply the s ignific ant figures , but I don't s ee how that is c onnec ted to multiply ing floating numbers ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Same thing. But how many digits do y ou end up when multiply ing "the s ignific ant figures "? Sep 05...
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