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Tx t trans mitting file data committed revis ion 1901

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Unformatted text preview: , pos itive dividend 2) pos itive divis or, negative dividend 3) negative divis or, pos itive dividend 4) negative divis or, negative dividend Hemant Raw at says: Sep 04 I have a ques tion on c ommit. I got it to c ommit by us ing this c ommand and got s vn c ommit -m "Ans wered all the required ques tions in LAB2" Sending lab2/lab2.tx t Trans mitting file data . Committed revis ion 1901. but when I c hec k netid /" c las s = "ex ternal-link " rel= "nofollow"link ty pe= "raw" wik ides tination= "https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid]/" originalalias = "https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid]/" > [netid]/&nbs p" c las s = "ex ternal-link " rel= "nofollow"> https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid]/&nbs p ; the lab2.tx t file that they have in the s erver does n't have any of the ans wers I put in is that normal or did I mes s s omething up? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 04 They are there. You may need to refres h y our web brows er as it probably c ac hed the original file. Anjolika Bhadra-Dave says: Sep 04 I k now how to s et binc alc to 32 bit floating point notation, however I was wondering how to s et it to s ingle prec is ion. Do we have to s et the prec is ion manually or is it arbitrarily in s ingle p...
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