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Google printf and pic k the firs t res ult to read

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Unformatted text preview: ot; will have impac t on what is dis play ed on the s c reen. Google "printf" and pic k the firs t res ult to read about "printf". W rite y our ans wers in lab4/lab4.tx t file. Don't forget to c ommit it to y our s vn, otherwis e we will have nothing to grade. Looping Constructs in C In every programming language, thus als o in the C programming language, there are c irc ums tanc es where y ou want to do the s ame thing many times . For ins tanc e y ou want to print the s ame words ten times . You c ould ty pe ten printf func tion c alls , but it is eas ier to us e a loop. The only thing y ou have to do is to s etup a loop that ex ec utes the s ame printf func tion ten times . There are three bas ic ty pes of loops whic h are: “for loop” “while loop” “do while loop” W e a re inte ntiona lly going to skip introducing the "do w hile " loop. T he for loop The “for” loop, loops from one number to another number and inc reas es by a s pec ified value eac h time. It us es the following s truc ture: fr(tr vle edcniin udt vle o sat au; n odto; pae au) { saeet; ttmns .. . } Here is a s imple ex ample of the for loop. This C program prints "Hello W orld !" 3 times on the s c reen. #nld<ti.> icuesdoh itmi( n an) { iti n; } fr( =0 i<3 i+ oi ; ; +) { pit(HloWrd!n) rnf"el ol \"; } rtr 0 eun ; This "for" loop is equivalent to the following infinitely nes ted if s tatement: { } iti=0 n ; i ( <3 fi ) { pit(HloWrd\"; rnf"el ol!n) i+ +; i ( <3 fi ) { pit(HloWrd\"; rnf"el ol!n) i+ +; i ( <3 fi ) { pit(HloWrd\"; rnf"el ol!n) i+ + i ( <3 fi ) { .. . .. . } } } } .. . Let's trac e through what happens at eac h iteration: In ite ra tion 0 i=0(is cas o "o"cntut frt lue f fr osrc) Tepormte cek wehri<3 h rga hn hcs hte rsl =tu,hnetepormfo ge it telo eut re ec h rga lw os no h op pitHloWrd! rn el ol Tefrlo nwiceet i hnei=i1(bcuei+i teices vleta i mnind h o op o nrmns...
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