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Look s lik e ew s is having s ome diffic ulties pleas

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Unformatted text preview: s e a "while" loop. Ha nd In Instruction Only s ubmit the files whic h are required, or y ou may los e points . Comments (36) Hide Comments Collaps e All Mei Ling Yeoh says: Sep 13 Hi. i tried to "c ommit" my lab4.tx t but i get this "Can't open file '/s rv/s ubvers ion/repos itories /fa13ec e198jl/repos itory /db/tx n-c urrent-loc k ': Read-only file s y s tem". pleas e help. tq Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 13 I get the s ame error. Look s lik e EW S is having s ome diffic ulties . Pleas e try again on Monday . Samuel Utomi says: Sep 13 So i c onverted my values in my c omputations to double but when i have to print out the value is there a s pec ific format s pec ifier i s hould us e or s hould i jus t s tic k to % f Volodymyr Kindratenko says: % f it is . Samuel Utomi says: Sep 13 Sep 13 W hen i try running the c ode it s ay s the s quare root func tion (s qrt) is undefined, does that mean the math.h file c an't be found? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 13 Pleas e read "Link ing libraries with C" in Lab 3. Kathy Qiu says: Sep 13 For the "Numeric al c omputations " s ec tion, s hould we s ubmit the program we wrote? I'm gues s ing we s houldn't, s inc e the ins truc tions don't ex plic itly tell us to, but I jus t wanted to mak e s ure bec aus e I'm paranoid about los ing points . Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 13 W rite y our ans wers in lab4/lab4.tx t file. That's all. Casey Bryniarski says: Sep 15 W hatever s hows up in % G, right? - never mind. Look s lik e % g and % G don't reac h out far enough. Jong Ho Kim says: Sep 14 On "Numeric al c omputations " s ec tion, it s ay s : "Carry out eac h of the above mentioned c omputations by s toring the firs t and the s ec ond values as the following data ty pes : " I think this ques tion is ambiguous .... do we c hange data ty pes of "val1" and "val 2" only or c hange "res " too? I am pretty s ure that we c hange "res " too; and the data ty pe on printf on res (% d) ne...
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