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Sean yen says sep 14 as above pleas e c hange res als

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Unformatted text preview: ed to c hange as we c hange the val1 and val2. but I am doubtful bec aus e of the ambiguity . Sean Yen says: Sep 14 Yes , y ou s hould c hange "res ." Change the argument of printf appropriately as y ou c hange the ty pe of res . There s hould be a little c omment that indic ates this . Jiancheng Gao says: Sep 14 For the "Numeric al Computation part", s hould we us e float to s tore the "res " or us e int? The ins truc tion s ay s we have to c hange the ty pe of firs t and s ec ond values , s o what about the"res "? Sean Yen says: Sep 14 As above, pleas e c hange "res " als o. Casey Bryniarski says: The printf % f s tatement s eems to trunc ate my res at 6 dec imal plac es of prec is ion. W hat's the point of giving differenc e between a float and a double if we aren't given any operations to demons trate thos e differenc es ? Sep 14 Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 14 % .9f will let y ou print 9 digits , etc . Casey Bryniarski says: Sep 14 Yes , but what do y ou want to s ee from us ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 14 Good enough ans wer. Can y ou think of what that may be? Hao Jin says: Sep 14 Jus t to mak e s ure, when I us e uns igned integer as inputs s hall I us e % u format for printing the res ult? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 14 https ://wik i.engr.illinois .edu/dis play /ECE198JL/C+ Programming+ Referenc e Hao Jin says: Sep 14 I've got a ‚Äčoblem here, I've edited lab4.c and I tried to upload it. But even if I delete the lab4.c on the s vn then add a pr new one, the c ode in lab4.c jus t does n't c hange. W hat s hould I do to upload the files ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 14 Pleas e redo Lab 1. Kazybek Adam says: Sep 15 For the following operations : 1. 12 % 3 2. -11 % 3 are we required to us e other s pec ifier than % d ? Or, do we need to be jus t aware about different ty pes of s pec ifiers ? Thank y ou. Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Sep 15 W hatever it tak es to output an int number. Linh Tran says: For numeric al c o...
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