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Unformatted text preview: . Thes e c ommands will work jus t lik e the originals , ex c ept that s ubvers ion does s ome additional book k eeping to trac k what has c hanged: snm suc dsiain v v ore etnto snc suc dsiain v p ore etnto snr fl1.. v m ie . Us e the s ubvers ion c ommands to move "baz .tx t" ins ide "s tuff". Copy "junk .tx t" to "s tuff" as well. Finally , remove "garbage.tx t". Run "s vn s tatus " to s ee the c hanges y ou're about to c ommit. A "D" indic ates a deleted file (s ubvers ion think s of a move as a deletion followed by an addition). If the cha nge s look good, go a he a d a nd com m it. Revert If y ou mak e a mis tak e tha t you ha ve n't com m itte d, y ou c an revert y our c hanges bac k to the las t c ommit with the revert c ommand: snrvr [R fl_rdrcoy.. v eet -] ieo_ietr . You c an revert individual files , or entire direc tories . You'll need to us e the "-R" flag to revert direc tories and their c ontents . Notic e that this is a c apital R ins tead of a lowerc as e r. Unfortunately , different programs don't nec es s arily agree on the meaning of flags ; y ou'll jus t have to remember that s vn us es a c apital R. Prac tic e reverting by mak ing a c hange to a file and then reverting it; y ou s hould s ee the c hanges dis appear (y ou may have to reload y our tex t editor) Update W hen s omeone els e c ommits c hanges to y our repos itory , y our w orking copy will bec ome out of da te . In this c las s , the teac hing s taff will add direc tories to y our repos itory for future labs and mac hine problems . You will then need to upda te y our work ing c opy s o that it reflec ts thos e c hanges . To update y our work ing c opy of y our repos itory , run the following c ommand (from y our "ec e198jl" direc tory ): snudt v pae If y ou try running this now, nothing will happen; we haven't added any new c ontent s inc e y ou las t c hec k ed out y our repos itory , s o y our work ing c opy is already up-to-date. In nex t week 's Lab this will be y our firs t s tep s o that y ou c an get the files for Lab 2. Checking your results Look at the "lab1" direc tory in the repos itory in y our w e b brow se r. The hierarc hy s hould look lik e the following: lab1 bar.tx t foo.tx t junk .tx t s tuff baz .tx t junk .tx t If it does , and the las t line of "foo.tx t" has been removed and "bar.tx t" c ontains "This is a file", then y ou've s uc c es s fully work ed with s ubvers ion! If y our c hanges do not appear in y our repos itory and s vn has not given y ou an error mes s age, try c learing y our brows er's c ac he and refres hing the page. This constitute s your subm ission of La b 1. Congra tula tions! Adv anced tricks Remember that tedious tas k we had y ou do with the GUI? W e're going to s how y ou how to do it with the CLI. Go to the "part1/y ears " direc tory with the CLI (to mak e it more s pec tac ular, open up the s ame direc tory with the GUI) and c opy and pas te the following into the CLI (don't worry about unders tanding it): sq- "..x"10 `ae+Y |xrstuh e f %ftt 90 dt %` ag oc If every thing went well, y ou s hould s ee all the files appear in an ins tant (or what would be an ins tant, in a better files y s tem). This c ommand us es a number of programs and s pec ial s hell c harac ters to ac c omplis h its goal. W hile it's c ertainly not intuitive, it is quite c ompac t, and it gets the job done very quic k ly . This is the advantage and dis...
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