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Every time i log in it jus t s ay s not found aug 28

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Unformatted text preview: h done with the lab, but when I open the "s tuff" file on my c omputer, it s hows that baz .tx t and junk .tx t are s tored in there. However, when I open my repos itory file on the brows er, the files aren't dis play ed in the s tuff file. I've tried c ommitting and us ing gedit to modify the files but it does n't help. Is there any way to get thos e files to be dis play ed on the online repos itory ? Thank s in advanc e. Sean Yen says: Aug 28 Try us ing snu vp to s ee what revis ion y ou are on. Then be s ure to refres h the brows er s o that y ou are on the c orrec t revis ion. I jus t c hec k ed y our repos itory and it look s fine to me. Geoffrey Herman says: Aug 28 For c ommands lik e c p [-r], the brac k ets ([ ]) indic ate that the flag (-r) is optional. In other words , c p -r and c p will both run a valid c ommand. Do NOT ty pe the brac k ets when ex ec uting the c p c ommand Douglas Zhu says: I'm unable to ac c es s my s tudent repos itory . Every time I log in, it jus t s ay s "Not Found." Aug 28 Sean Yen says: Aug 28 It look s lik e it's there. Did y ou remember to c hange [netid] to y our netid? Douglas Zhu says: Aug 28 Yes . I c hanged it but it s till does n't work . Nicholas Foss says: Aug 28 I had the s ame problem. Mine was very weird and pic k y but i managed to get in. W hat I tried: c los e brows er and c opy the link to y our repos itory . After pas ting into the addres s bar and BEFORE hitting enter, c hange the netid to Yours W ITHOUT brac k ets . If it work ed, it s hould prompt y ou with an authentic ation login and pas s word (y our netid and pas s word) If it does nt work , try to mak e s ure that y ou ac tually are entering the c orrec t netid and pas s word... i'm as s uming y ou are, but y ou never k now. hopefully itll jus t magic ally work for y ou lik e it did for me. Johnathon Karcz says: Aug 28 I ac c identally glos s ed over the part that s aid "from y our home direc tory " when c hec k ing out from the repos itory , and ins tead c reated my ec e198jl folder in the part1 folder. To fix this i tried to s imply c hec k out again from the home folder and it did allow me to grab the files from the SVN, however, when i run s vn s tatus I am given the error "s vn: warning: '.' is not a work ing c opy ". So that c learly did not work as well as I had hoped. W hat would be the bes t way to fix this is s ue? Johnathon Karcz says: Aug 28 Nevermind, I was running "s vn s tatus " from the inc orrec t direc tory . It is work ing jus t fine... Anselmo Shim says: Aug 28 I am try ing to us e the c ommand "s vn add bar.tx t." But an error c omes up s ay ing "s vn: Can't Move '.s vn/tmp/entries ' to '.s vn/entries ': input/outputerror. How do I fix this is s ue? Anselmo Shim says: Aug 28 Ok ay , I think the is s ue was jus t the EW S s erver being down. Geoffrey Herman says: Sep 02 Lab 1 grades have been pos ted. If y ou did not rec eive a grade for lab1, that means that y ou did not properly c ommit y our lab to the s vn s erver. It is probably eas ies t to s imply retry the lab. Mak e s ure y ou c an c omplete this lab c orrec tly and k now how to c hec k y our s ubmis s ions for ac c urac y , bec aus e there will be no s ec ond c hanc es on the later labs . You c an c hec k if the c hanges were made by going to hts/sbeso.w.lioseusnf1-c18l[ei] tp:/uvrinesilni.d/v/a3ee9j/ntd/ Replac e [netid] with y our ac tual netid (with no brac k ets ). Yumo Chi says: Sep 05 I want to k now what I did wrong on my lab that res ulted in a low grade. W here do I go to find out? NVM I found out Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Run 's vn update' in y our ec e198jl/lab1 folder and c hec k 'grade.tx t' file for y our grade. Sep 05...
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