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Lets c hec k out a c opy of y our repos itory the c

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Unformatted text preview: proc es s c alled a com m it. W e've already s et up a c entral repos itory for y ou. You c an view the c ontents of y our repos itory us ing with a web brows er; jus t go to: hts/sbeso.w.lioseusnf1-c18l[ei] tp:/uvrinesilni.d/v/a3ee9j/ntd/ (where [netid] is a plac eholder for y our netid; us e c opy -pas te to ex ac tly c opy the bas e of the web addres s ). After being prompted for y our pas s word, y ou s hould s ee a direc tory c alled "lab1" If y ou c an't ac c es s y our repos itory , let a TA k now. Ch e c k o u t The program for doing all work in s ubvers ion is c alled "s vn". Let's "c hec k out" a c opy of y our repos itory . The c hec k out s y ntax is as follows : snceku uldrcoy v hcot r ietr From your hom e directory, y ou'll want to do s omething lik e this : snceku hts/sbeso.w.lioseusnf1-c18l[ei]ee9j v hcot tp:/uvrinesilni.d/v/a3ee9j/ntd c18l This will c reate a w orking copy (a c opy for y ou to "work on") of y our repos itory , on y our c omputer. It will put this w orking copy in a direc tory c alled "ec e198jl". You might get a mes s age warning about s toring plaintex t pas s words . Sinc e it's generally not a good idea to leave y our pas s word ly ing around unenc ry pted, we rec ommend y ou deny plaintex t s torage Lab 1 assignment You s hould now have a direc tory c alled "ec e198jl". Ins ide s hould be the direc tory "lab1" whic h y ou s aw earlier from y our web brows er. Go into this direc tory . Modify Open foo.tx t with y our tex t editor and remove the las t line. Run "s vn s tatus " to s ee what has c hanged in the y our loc al w orking copy of the repos itory [aap2lnx lb]snsau [email protected] a1 v tts M fott o.x The "M" means that the file has been modified. Commit sncmi - "eoe ls ln o fott v omt m Rmvd at ie f o.x" In this c as e, the "-m" (for mes s age) is now an option flag with an argument. It s pec ifies a mes s age to be as s oc iated with the new vers ion y ou are s ending to the s erver. Thes e mes s ages will be us eful if y ou ever realiz e y ou made a mis tak e and need to go bac k and find a partic ular revis ion, s o mak e them good s ummaries of the c hanges y ou've made. If at this point, y ou're s till getting annoy ing mes s ages from s vn about plaintex t pas s words , notic e that the mes s age tells y ou to modify a c onfig file to mak e it go away . Edit that c onfig file, and add: soepanetpswrs=n tr-litx-asod o to the end of it Add Create a file c alled "bar.tx t" and put the tex t "This is a file" ins ide. Now run "s vn s tatus ". Notic e that there's a "?" nex t to the new file. This means s ubvers ion is n't s ure if y ou want that file added to the repos itory . So we c an't c ommit the file jus t y et. Firs t we need to run: snadbrtt v d a.x Now when we run "s vn s tatus " we s ee an "A" for added nex t to "bar.tx t". Now we c an c ommit the new file; go ahead and do it. Move, remove, and copy W hen we're work ing with a loc al c opy of a s ubvers ion repos itory , the bes t way to do file moving operations is to us e the s ubvers ion wrapped vers ion of thes e programs , s o that s ubvers ion k nows what's going on and does n't get c onfus ed. A wrapped vers ion of a program is one that does what the original does with s ome additional func tionality...
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