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Unformatted text preview: advantage of the CLI: it has a s harp learning c urve, but onc e y ou bec ome profic ient at us ing it, it c an be a very powerful tool. Thos e interes ted in bec oming profic ient at us ing the c ommand line c an follow this nic e tutorial: http://linux c Useful references Now that y ou have s uc c es s fully c ompleted this ex erc is e, we ex pec t y ou to us e Linux c ommand line interfac e and s vn repos itory for this c las s as well as ECE 198 KL follow-up c las s . Here are a few referenc es y ou may find us eful to help y ou us ing Linux : Unix Command Line Unix Files y s tem Command Line Referenc e Sheet Vim Referenc e Sheet W ork ing Remotely Subvers ion Vers ion Control with Subvers ion Comments (39) Hide Comments Collaps e All W enjia Zhou says: Aug 26 If y ou get "authentic ation fail" when prompted "Pas s word for 'login' GNOME k ey ring", try the following s teps : 1. rm ~ /.gnome2/k ey rings /* 2. rm -rt ~ /.s ubvers ion Thank s Benjamin for rais ing this ques tion as well as providing a s olution. Pos t c omments here if y ou find other is s ues . Michail Razzakov says: Aug 27 It fix ed the pas s word problem but now it as k s to c reate a GNOME k ey ring via another window. After c reating the k ey ring I get the following in Terminal: Authentic ation realm: < https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu:443 > UIUC Ac tive Direc tory Pas s word for 'raz z ak o2': s vn: Can't mak e direc tory 'ec e198jl': Permis s ion denied Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Aug 27 Mak e s ure y ou are in y our home direc tory . "Permis s ion denied" s ounds as if y ou are attempting to c reate a file in a plac e for whic h y ou do not have ac c es s . Hao Jin says: Aug 27 I've followed s teps on this page and got the files in my c omputer right. But no matter how many times I try to update the c hanges the s vn jus t s tay s on one partic ular vers ion s o I c an't get the folder right to c omplete the lab as s ignment. Sean Yen says: Aug 27 Are y ou us ing snudt v pae or sncmi v omt ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Aug 27 's vn update' c opies files from s vn repos itory to y our loc al file s y s tem. You need to run 's vn c ommit' to s end them bac k to s vn repo. If y ou s till have diffic ulties , go to offic e hours in Grainger 57. Sean Yen says: Aug 27 For thos e that are having trouble with c opy The s y ntax for the c opy c ommand look s lik e this : c [r suc dsiain p -] ore etnto If y ou're getting errors , more lik ely than not y ou are leaving the brac k ets "[" and "]" in. You do not need to inc lude the brac k ets . They are s imply there to indic ate that this is an optional part of the s y ntax . In partic ular, y ou only need to add -r if y ou are c opy ing a folder. Don't add -r if y ou are jus t c opy ing a file. Some ex amples to follow. Copy ing file1 to file2 c fl1fl2 p ie ie Copy ing folder1 to folder2 c - fle1fle2 p r odr odr Hope this helps ! Sean Emmanuel Guzman says: Aug 27 W hat do I do if I have every thing the way that it's s uppos ed to, but when I attempt to do "s vn c ommit -m '...'" it tells me "c ommit failed" bec aus e it "is s c heduled for addition, but is mis s ing" it does n't s ay any thing after that, I don't k now what it's mis s ing or what it wants !? Sean Yen says: Aug 27 Try snsau v tts to s ee what y ou are try ing to add with the c ommit. Then try l s to s ee what is in the folder. Is there any inc ons is tenc y between the outputs of thes e two c ommands ? Perhaps y o...
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