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Tx t on the terminal how c an it be res olved thank y

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Unformatted text preview: u s et SVN to add s omething and then deleted it before c ommitting? Als o, mak e s ure y ou are c ommitting from the lab1 folder. Nicholas Foss says: Aug 27 W hat s hould I do if I am unable to ac c es s my s tudent repos itory to even begin the lab? It tells me ac c es s is forbidden. "Error 404 Not Found The reques ted URL /s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid]/ was not found on this s erver. Apac he/2.2.15 (Sc ientific Linux ) Server at s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu Port 443" I was prompted to enter my Net ID & pas s word, whic h were done c orrec tly , but I do not have ac c es s ? Sean Yen says: Aug 27 Did y ou replac e [netid] with y our netid? Nicholas Foss says: Aug 27 Yes , I s till get the s ame error Nicholas Foss says: Aug 27 Got it. I have no idea what was wrong, but I managed to get it. Thank s . Kazybek Adam says: I am work ing remotely and I am getting "Gtk -W ARNING **: c annot open dis play :" when Aug 27 I enter "gedit notes .tx t &" on the terminal. How c an it be res olved? Thank y ou. W enjia Zhou says: Aug 27 W hat is the method y ou us e to remotely c onnec t? SSH? NX c lient? You c an try vim if gedit does not work . Kazybek Adam says: Aug 28 I am us ing SSH on my mac . Is the c ommand the s ame for vim? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Aug 28 By default Mac s do not have X ins talled, whic h prevents running remote apps with gui. Us e vim ins tead of gedit. W ayne Crasta says: Aug 27 I have 2 ques tions : 1. Is there a way to c hec k if the lab is done on my laptop? 2. Is there a way to do this on my windows laptop? W ithout going to Grainger or Everitt? Linh Tran says: Aug 28 .edu/us er-guides /engineering-work s tation-s ervic es /nx -c lient-c onfiguration-and-us age Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Aug 28 1. Chec k if y our s ubmis s ion is c omplete by opening https ://s ubvers ion.ews .illinois .edu/s vn/fa13-ec e198jl/[netid\ ] in y our web brows er. 2. Later labs will require us ing lab c omputers . Sooner or later y ou will have to go to the labs . Do not c ount on remote ac c es s . Linh Tran says: Aug 28 I have a ques tion. W henever i tried to c ommit it s ay s "s vn: Commit failed (details follow): s vn: Can't open file '/s rv/s ubvers ion/repos itories /s p13-ec e198jl/repos itory /db/tx n-c urrent-loc k ': Permis s ion denied" Linh Tran says: Aug 28 Never mind that i figure it out. However i made a ty po in baz .tx t and try to c hange it. W hen i c ommit it s ay s s vn: Commit failed (details follow): s vn: Repos itory UUID 'fd685e3a-9bb2-4222-abb0-77173d765382' does n't matc h ex pec ted UUID '32f9b8dd-1df54980-91c a-96f565c b5c 3b' s o i have no idea what to do. I look around only and s omeone s ugges t s vn s witc h? But what url am i s witc hing to? Aug 28 Volodymyr Kindratenko says: You c an alway s c ompletely remove y our ec e198jl direc tory and s tart over. Your c hanges (other than the ty po fix ) s hould be already s tored in s vn repos itory . Selim Halac says: Aug 28 I have a ques tion: W hen I ty pe in mk dir part1 , it tells me: c annot c reate direc tory 'part1' : permis s ion denied. Any help would be apprec iated. Sean Yen says: Aug 28 Are y ou in "home?" You might be in a direc tory that y ou do not have permis s ion to mak e a new folder in. You c an ty pe pd w to c hec k . If y ou're not there, us e c /oe[EI] d hm/NTD or c~ d Tanmay Adya says: Aug 28 I'm pretty muc...
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