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X something lik e the following will appear on the c

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Unformatted text preview: ugges t us ing ge dit for editing tex t files . ge dit is a s imple, GUI bas ed tex t editor that y ou c an als o invok e from the c ommand line lik e s o: gdt[ie ei fl] Try running gedit and us e it to put s ome notes into "notes .tx t". Then s ave y our work and c los e the window. Notic e that the c ommand line does n't bec ome available until after the window is c los ed. You c an c hange this behavior by adding the s pec ial c harac ter "&" to the end of the c ommand lik e s o: [aap2lnx ts] gdtntstt& kcmb@iu3 et$ ei oe.x Something lik e the following will appear on the c ommand line as gedit opens . 198 1 47 The s pec ial c harac ter "&" tells the s hell to c reate a s eparate proce ss (tas k ) for the program being run s o that s hell c an ac c ept c ommands at the s ame time the program is running. W hen the s hell launc hes a s eparate proc es s , it als o prints the job num be r (1 in the ex ample) and proce ss ID (14978 in this ex ample). W e c an us e thes e identifiers to c ontrol the proc es s ; more on that later. If we jus t want to quic k ly s ee what's in a file quic k ly without opening it, we c an us e the ca t program (s hort for c onc atenate and print): ctfl1.. a ie . Us e ca t to s ee the c ontents of "notes .tx t" Many alternative CLI and GUI bas ed tex t editors are available. Us e the editor y ou're mos t c omfortable with (ex c ept for s ome W indows editors , s ee below). Here's a s hort lis t: nano (Unix) A CLI bas ed tex t editor. na no is relatively eas y to us e, but has limited features . This is the editor we rec ommend s tudents to us e if a graphic al tex t editor lik e ge dit is unavailable. vi or vim (Unix) A CLI bas ed tex t editor available almos t every Unix s y s tem. Rather diffic ult to us e. Has a GUI vers ion c alled "gvim". emacs (Unix) A CLI bas ed tex t editor that has every feature imaginable. Als o has a GUI vers ion c alled "x emac s ". Other operating systems M ac OS X Mac OS X is Unix bas ed, s o y ou c an run a terminal and us e all the above editors . In addition, Apple's Xc ode program is a good tex t editor. Windows W e rec ommend Notepad+ + for work on W indows . Do not us e MS word, Notepad or W ordpad. Thes e tex t editors will produc e c ertain c harac ters that c an break programs us ed in this c las s . For more information about this , s ee the Coding Conventions . Rev ision Control (Subv ersion) Revis ion c ontrol (or vers ion c ontrol) is the management of c hanges to files . Have y ou ever made a c hange to a doc ument that y ou later regretted? A revis ion c ontrol s y s tem allows y ou to k eep trac k of the different vers ions of a doc ument, s o that y ou c an later revert bac k to before y ou made that unwanted c hange. Revis ion c ontrol is es pec ially us eful in team projec ts where multiple people are mak ing c hanges to a s et of doc uments due to its ability to automatic ally handle s eparate c hanges to the s ame file. In this c las s , we will be us ing a revis ion c ontrol s y s tem c alled Subvers ion. Subvers ion maintains a c entral re pository, one or more revis ions of a direc tory and all of its c ontents , on a s erver. You c an get a c opy of one vers ion of that direc tory in a proc es s c alled a che ckout. You c an mak e loca l cha nge s to y our c opy of the direc tory , and then add the new vers ion to the c entral repos itory in a...
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