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Linh tran says oc t 08 nevermind i was us ing the

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Unformatted text preview: but nothing work s . Linh Tran says: Oc t 08 Nevermind i was us ing the wrong gate. Sorry about that. Gregory Linkow ski says: Oc t 09 I'm c oming ac ros s an error when I attempt to s imulate from the Des ign Manager window. I had a path error, s o I us ed the fix from lab 5: If there is an path error generated in log window, go to des igner manager and s elec t tas k s /templates on the right. Right c lic k Models im Simulation, s elec t s ettings . W hen s etting windows pops up, c lic k Variables . A new window "s elec t us er variable" will pop up, ins ide "us er variable value", c hange the path into$HDS_HOME/modeltec h/linux - /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/linux Now I have a different error: Note: Saving Preferenc es to /home/link ows 2/hdl_des igner_s eries /hds _us er/v2012.1/hds _us er_prefs Note: Loading library ieee from s ourc e files , fas t c ac he file not c urrently available Error: Failed to find the ModelSim ex ec utables . Pleas e s et a valid ex ec utable path in the s ettings or add it...
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