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Unformatted text preview: rm ihn "f{[ac_oe] { i \bthmd\} BTHAN ACMI }es { le GIAN UMI } " ivkdfo wti noe rm ihn "cy1 \+ nFP2 -" (ie"sfwr/etrMdli-E1.dmdlehlnx./c/smvi"ln 1 fl /otaemno/oeSmS-01/oetc/iu/.tlvi/sm ie ) \\ Ftl Ra fiuei vmpoes(,) ** aa: ed alr n l rcs 00 /otaemno/oeSmS-01/oetc/i/smrtre sau 1 sfwr/etrMdli-E1.dmdlehbnvi eund tts } Could y ou help me s olve it? W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 10 You have to us e y our friend's ac c ount to c ontinue this as s ignment. It's the problem with the s oftware and/or EW S. W e c urrently don't have any s olution to this . Pleas e refer to FAQ page for pos s ible s olution Geoffrey Herman says: Oc t 10 If y ou get this error, try navigating to y our home direc tory and deleting the .models im and .models im.bak files . Thes e files are hidden, s o if y ou are us ing the GUI interfac e, c lic k view, then c lic k s how hidden files to reveal. If y ou are us ing the terminal, us e ls -a to s how all hidden files . Devansh Solanki says: Do we turn in our AOI and NAND c irc uits or jus t the NAND? Oc t 09 Oc t 09 Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Printout of y our Mentor Graphic s c irc uit s c hematic s for both implementations of the c irc uit. Prithvi Garimalla says: Oc t 10 W hen c onverting the c irc uit to us e only NAND or NOR gates , do we have to rederive the boolean ex pres s ions with only AND and NOT, or c an we s tart replac ing the gates from our firs t c irc uit with their NAND/NOR equivalents ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: No need for new Boolean ex pres s ions . Pleas e review lec ture notes from lec ture 13. Oc t 10...
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