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Do file volodymyr kindratenko says oc t 05 yes kazybek

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Unformatted text preview: e .do file ? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 05 Yes . Kazybek Adam says: Oc t 06 Should we c ons ider A and P be 0 when no money has been ins erted y et? Thank y ou. W ayne Crasta says: Oc t 06 I as s ume s o bec aus e when no money has been ins erted, there are no c oins to ac c ept and ¢35 has n't been ins erted s o p has to be 0. Geoffrey Herman says: Oc t 07 Think about what y ou want to have happen with a vending mac hine. Do y ou want to ac c ept a c oin if no c oin has been ins erted? Do y ou want to dis pens e a produc t when no money has been ins erted? Depending on how y ou ans wer thos e two ques tions , it will determine how y ou want to des ign y our c irc uit. Kazybek Adam says: Oc t 06 I get an error when s imulating my c irc uit. The error des c ription is below. How c an I s olve it? # ** Error: Value length (1) does not equal array index length (16). # # ** Error: (vs im-4011) Invalid forc e value: 0 @0, 1 @40, 1 @50, 1 @60, 1 @70. # Error in mac ro ./vend_mac line 1...
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