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Do line 1 value length 1 does not equal array index

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Unformatted text preview: # Value length (1) does not equal array index length (16). # # ** Error: (vs im-4011) Invalid forc e value: 0 @0, 1 @40, 1 @50, 1 @60, 1 @70. # # while ex ec uting # "forc e /S2 0 @0, 1 @40, 1 @50, 1 @60, 1 @70" Geoffrey Herman says: Oc t 07 From the error it look s lik e y ou may have c reated one of y our s ignals wrong. It look s lik e one of y our wires (probably S2) is defined as a 16 bit bus rather than a 1-bit wire. Look at y our bloc k diagram and mak e s ure that all of y our s ignals are defined as s td_logic and that none of them are defined as s td_logic _vec tor. If y ou s ee any s td_logic _vec tor s ignals , then delete the c orres ponding bus es and replac e them with wires . If that does n't work , this might be an offic e hours ty pe of ques tion. Michail Razzakov says: Oc t 07 Should we be limiting ours elves to us ing only 2 inputs on the NAND or NOR gates or are we allowed to us e 3 inputs for the gates s o we c an s implify the c irc uit? I did my c irc uit only us ing only 2 inputs for eac h gate s inc e I am not s ure if we are going to be ac tually building it on nex t week s lab. Volody...
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