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Models im and models imbak files thes e files are

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Unformatted text preview: and deleting the .models im and .models im.bak files . Thes e files are hidden, s o if y ou are us ing the GUI interfac e, c lic k view, then c lic k s how hidden files to reveal. If y ou are us ing the terminal, us e ls -a to s how all hidden files . Andrew W einer says: Oc t 08 It look s lik e we c an think of P as a func tion of S2, S1, and S0 or as a func tion of S2, S1, S0, and A. W ould y ou prefer that we build our c irc uit for P us ing only the S1, S2, and S3 inputs ? Or is it OK to us e the output A as an input for P? Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 08 S2, S1, S0 only . Linh Tran says: Oc t 08 I try to c hange the number of inputs that c ould be input into an AND gate but the option is blank out. W hen i google this i found http://www.altera.c om/s upport/k db/s olutions /rd09012005_260.html however when i try to c hange that it k eep s ay ing s y ntax error near module. I am not s ure what is the format for the part "module_name"? I For ex ample let's s ay my gate is U3, i tried module U3, module_U3 and module module_U3...
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