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Models imbak files thes e files are hidden s o if y

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Unformatted text preview: c t 10 If y ou get this error, try navigating to y our home direc tory and deleting the .models im and .models im.bak files . Thes e files are hidden, s o if y ou are us ing the GUI interfac e, c lic k view, then c lic k s how hidden files to reveal. If y ou are us ing the terminal, us e ls -a to s how all hidden files . Volodymyr Kindratenko says: Oc t 09 The path is /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/Linux , I think . Gregory Linkow ski says: Oc t 09 Ok ay . That's what I c urrently have for the path for the ModelSim Simulation s ettings . Prof Herman rec ommended look ing up the, I think , vs im number or s imilar off the log, only now my log window refus es to dis play . I'm going to try this in the morning at Grainger, hopefully a TA c an help. W enjia Zhou says: Oc t 10 It's due to s ome ModelSim c onfig file c orruption. Currently no one k nows how this happen. I've inves tigated this for quite s ome time but s adly no progres s . Pleas e refer to the FAQ page. Nicholas Foss says: Oc t 09 W hen generating a truth table for A as a func tion of S2S1S0, s hould the 2 ins tanc es where the func tion meaning...
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