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P 1 when the produc t s hould be dis pens ed p 0 when

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Unformatted text preview: hould be rejec ted. P = 1, when the produc t s hould be dis pens ed. P = 0, when the produc t s hould not be dis pens ed Instructions 1. Label y our Mentor Graphic s c irc uit diagram from Lab 7 with pin numbers and c hip numbers as a s c hematic for how y ou will c onnec t the c hips on y our protoboard. a. The TTL c hips et y ou rec eived allows y ou to us e only NOT, 2-input NAND, 2-input NOR, 3-input NAND, 3-input NOR, and 4-input NAND gates . Mak e s ure y ou c an implement y our c irc uit with ju...
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