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Ttl dip data us e the datas heets below to find out

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Unformatted text preview: or truth tables . TTL DIP data Us e the datas heets below to find out whic h TTL DIP to us e for the different ty pes of gates (2-input NAND, 2-input NOR, 3-input NAND, etc .) and to determine the pin as s ignments for y our s c hematic . The title in the top left of eac h datas heet tells y ou what ty pes of gates are in the DIP. The s c hematic on the top right of eac h datas heet s hows y ou how the inputs and outputs of the various gates are c onnec ted to the pins of the TTL DIP. The tex t on the bottom right tells y ou whic h labels on y our TTL...
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