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B us e the datas heets below to c hoos e whic h ttl

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Unformatted text preview: s t thos e gates . b. Us e the datas heets below to c hoos e whic h TTL DIPs y ou will us e and to determine how y ou will s elec t whic h pins to us e. 2. Implement, tes t, and debug y our c irc uit on the protoboard by us ing y our TTL DIPs , s witc hes , and LEDs . a. You will need to us e at las t 3 s witc hes and 2 LEDs to demons trate the func tionality of y our c irc uit. b. During y our tes ting and demons tration, us e the s witc hes to s end all pos s ible c ombinations of inputs into y our c irc uit. Keep trac k of whether the LEDs s how the behavior y ou s pec ified with y our Boolean ex pres s ions...
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