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It work ed for the x or part w enjia zhou says sep 26

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Unformatted text preview: ulate the full adder part I k eep getting the mes s age "Time value mus t be greater than "now": 0 # while ex ec uting # "forc e /a 0 @0" " W hy c an't I have the time value as 0? It work ed for the x or part. W enjia Zhou says: Sep 26 Pleas e find a "res tart" button, s ee below: Daniel Baldw in says: Sep 26 Hi! I'm finis hed with the lab, however I c annot get it to print no matter what I do. I've tried both DCL and Grainger on multiple different c omputers , but no s uc c es s . The c ommand I am ty ping is either lpr -P gelib-057-bwd1 for grainger and lpr -P dc l-426-bwd1 for DCL. I've tried other printers as well (bwd2 and c olor), but that did not s olve the is s ue either. I've als o tried removing the s pac e after -P, but that didn't work either. Other s tudents in the lab with me have ty ped in the s ame c ommand as I have and s ome are having the s ame is s ues with me. I do not get an error mes s age of any s ort s o I'm not s ure what to do. I've been at DCL for about 40 min and the lab c ons ultant is no where to be found (des pite lis ted as being available at this time). I'll try again in the morning s inc e it's tak ing me longer to ac tually print the as s ignment than to do it, however, what s hould I do if I c annot figure out how to fix this is s ue? W enjia Zhou says: Sep 26 lpr -Pgl057-bwd1 No s pac e between -P and printer name, and, the printer name is different from what is lis ted on the printer its elf, refer to the given link .... If the above does not work , this time, get a s c reen s hot and print it. Daniel Baldw in says: Sep 26 Thank s , I tried all of the above before I pos ted the firs t time, but I managed to fix the is s ue... Apparently non-engineers do not get free printing s o I had to buy s ome, haha Aabhas Sharma says: Sep 26 I am having the ex ac t s ame problem. So, is every one els e who is try ing to print the 198jl files . The Lab As s is tant here s ay s that this problem has oc c urred earlier as well. He s ugges ted we jus t print the s c reens hots . W hat do y ou s ugges t we do? Try ing to print thes e files out has already tak en longer than the ac tual lab its elf. Matthew Schuele says: Do y ou want the s c hematic for my _x or or no? Sep 26...
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