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Note there is a s pac e b etween the lpr c ommand and

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Unformatted text preview: 'Print c ommand:' field to be 'lpr -Pprinte r_na m e ', where printer_name is the name of the printer that y ou want to us e. NOTE: there is a s pac e b etween the lpr c ommand and the -P option. Printer name varies depending on the lab y ou are in. Cons ult with the EW S lab s taff or this webpage to find the lab’s printer name. Clic k OK to print. To print s imulated waveform, c hoos e File -> Print Postscript in the W ave window. In the W rite Pos ts c ript window that pops up, be s ure that Print com m a nd is s elec ted, not File na m e . Us e the s ame print c ommand as y ou us ed to print out y our c irc uit diagrams and c lic k on OK. To print y our .do file, open it in a tex t editor, e.g., gedit, and print it from there. Comments (40) Hide Comments Collaps e All Sharon Tang says: Sep 21 I am having trouble getting my _x or to s imulate. I k eep getting this error mes s age: "Error: Could not find ex ec utables at /s oftware/mentor/HDS_2012.1/modeltec h/linux . Chec k that the ModelSim Compile Settings are s et c orrec tly . Failed during the ModelSim Compile." I followed the direc tions to c hange the path in ModelSim Simulate, but that did not help...although the error is c omplaining about the c ompiler, not the s imulator. I am uns ure how to fix the s ettings for the ModelSim Compile. W enjia Zhou says: Sep 21 Look s lik e they 've c hanged ins tall folder again..... Try this : /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/linux Pleas e let me k now if this work s . Sharon Tang says: Sep 21 How would I ty pe that in the Us er variable value? This is what's c urrently in there: $HDS_HOME/modeltec h/linux Edit: Nevermind. I jus t replac ed that with "/s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/linux " and it work s now. Thank s ! Jiancheng Gao says: Sep 23 I got this mes s age when I tried to generate VHDL c onfigurations . Error: my _x or_s truc t_c onfig.vhd already ex is ts , but is not in the Data Model W ould y ou tell me how to fix it? W enjia Zhou says: Sep 23 Did y ou follow ins truc tions ex ac tly ? Did y ou c lic k on the "overwrite ex is ting files ?" If s o, I'm not s ure. Pleas e c ome to the offic e hour. Naphat Lertratanakul says: Sep 23 Hi, Do y ou want the lab to be printed in c olor? W enjia Zhou says: Sep 23 You don't have to. Nathan Beauchamp says: Sep 23 I followed the lab ins truc tions ex ac tly , going through every s tep in the lab des c ription. I s uc c es s fully generated and s imulated both my _x or and full_adder. However, at the point when I tried to s imulate the full_adder bloc k diagram (that had been generated s uc c es s fully ), I got the following error from ModelSim Simulate: Mapping for invok e direc tory found but not us ed Simulation direc tory is s et to /home/beauc ha3/ec e198jl/lab5/lab5_lib/work Reading /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/tc l/vs im/ l Error in s tartup s c ript: unmatc hed open brac e in lis t while ex ec uting "GUIMAIN" invok ed from within...
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