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You may need to firs t s elec t the main tab in the

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Unformatted text preview: _x or is s elec ted in the top pane and c lic k Sim ula te on the left. You may need to firs t s elec t the 'Main' tab in the left pane before y ou c an s ee the 'Simulate' button. b. Sinc e this is y our firs t time running this tool, Simulator Setup window will popup. Ac c ept default s ettings by c lic k ing OK. The Start ModelSim 6.6 window (s hown below) s hould pop up. If the window does not s tart, double-c lic k m y_x or in the Des ign Manager window and double c hec k that y our c irc uit matc hes the above diagram. If there is an path error generated in log window, go to des igner manager and s elec t tas k s /templates on the right. Right c lic k Models im Simulation, s elec t s ettings . W hen s etting windows pops up, c lic k Variables . A new window "s elec t us er variable" will pop up, ins ide "us er variable value", c hange the path into $HDS_HOME/modeltec h/linux /s oftware/mentor/ModelSim-SE-10.1d/modeltec h/linux 1. a. b. Clic k OK. You s hould now s ee the ModelSim window. 2. Choos e whic h s ignals to s imulate. a. W hile holding down the Ctrl k ey , c lic k on a, b, and f in the objec ts pane. b. Clic k the Add menu, then c lic k on W a ve , and then c lic k Se le cte d Signa ls. c . The right-mos t pane s hould c hange to s ay “wave – default” and will s how the three s ignals y ou c hos e on the left s ide. This s c reen is the one we will us e to tes t and debug our c irc uit to mak e s ure it behaves c orrec tly . 3. Create a s imulation s c ript In the trans c ript pane (at the bottom of ModelSim window), ty pe ge dit m y_x after the VSIM prompt to c reate the file my _x s imulation file and to open it in gedit editor. This .do file forc es the values of a and b to go through all pos s ible c ombinations of values that we s ee in the truth table. Enter the following tex t into editor, s ave and c los e it: fre/ 0@ oc a 0 fre/ 0@ oc b 0 fre/ [email protected] oc b 1 fre/ [email protected] oc a 2 fre/ [email protected] oc b 2 fre/ [email protected] oc b 3 The forc e c ommand us es the following s y ntax /[s ignal] [value] @[time in nanos ec onds ]. For ex ample, the firs t line tells the s imulator to forc e thevalue of s ignal a to have the value 0 at time 0 ns . Run the Simulation Close ge dit be fore you continue The s imulator window will freez e if y ou do not c los e the gedit after edit the do file. 1. Ty pe do m y_x at the VSIM prompt to tell the s imulator whic h .do file to run. Ty pe run 40 to tell the s imulator to run the s imulation for 40 ns . You s hould s ee s ome green lines s how up in the wave – default window. 2. Mak e y our waveform readable. In the “wave – default” pane, c lic k on the button in the top right with the box with an arrow pointing up and to the right (between the + and x buttons ) to undoc k the wave – default window. The wave window will grow s o y ou c an s ee the wave more eas ily . Right-c lic k any where on the wave window and c hoos e Zoom full to s ee the wave form more eas ily . Evaluate whe...
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