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Unformatted text preview: d erroneous ly by y our mac hine!) Comments (18) Hide Comments Collaps e All Jong Ho Kim says: Oc t 27 For this lab, I think we need at leas t 11 res is tors (ohms ) bec aus e we need 8 res is tors for 8 output (S2+ , S1+ , S0+ , S2, S1, S0, A, P) and three res is tors for s witc h input (CLK, Clear and T). However, I only have 10 res is tors . Is it pos s ible to c omplete this lab only us ing 10 res is tors (or les s ) or do I need to get s ome more res is tors ? if s o, where c an I get more res is tors ??? Thank y ou Nevermind, I thought Clear means Set but it turns out Clear means Res et :) Austin McW illiams says: Oc t 28 Can we des ign the Lab 9 c irc uit on the breadboard us ing NAND and NOR gates ? I believe doing s o allows a s lightly more effic ient des ign than us ing NAND or NOR gates . Geoffrey Herman says: Oc t 28 y es , y ou may us e both NAND and NOR gates . Georgi Iliev says: Oc t 28 Can I mak e a de-bounc e c irc uit us ing the 4-input NAND gate c hip, s inc e the other 2 TTL c hips that I am are already part of...
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