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s o we look ed at the s ec ond link wwwengutahedu c

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Unformatted text preview: (right?), s o we look ed at the s ec ond link ([ c s 5780/debounc ing.pdf]) and that s hows how to build a debounc ing c irc uit us ing NAND gates , whic h look ed doable... So we attempted to build the c irc uit depic ted (SR debounc er: http://www.gans s le.c om/images /debounc ers r.jpg ), but we have hit a jam. The s witc h in the the image alway s res ults in one half of the c irc uit being c onnec ted to ground and the other half dis c onnec ted (or both halves dis c onnec ted when it is moving between the two pos itions ). Meanwhile, the s witc h that we have in our k it is s imply either c los ed or open, s o it only s eems to allow us to implement half of the debounc ing c irc uit. The only way s that we c an think of to replic ate the behavior of the s witc h from the image are: 1) Us e 2 of our s witc hes , or 2) Jus t get rid of the s witc h hardware and phy s ic ally manipulate the wires with our hands ins tead. But neither of thes e s olutions s eems partic ularly...
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