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Demo onc e y ou are c onfident that y our c irc uit

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Unformatted text preview: onfirm that it work s as ex pec ted. Demo Onc e y ou are c onfident that y our c irc uit work s properly , bring it to the TA or lab ins truc tor, s o that they c an c hec k it and c onfirm that it is s afe to attac h to the c oin s orter mec hanis m. The TAs s hould c onfirm y our wiring before y ou power up y our c irc uit and may c hec k y our c irc uit with the s witc hes before c onnec ting it to the c oin s orter. Connecting the coin sor ter mechanism Mak e s ure that y ou attac h a c ommon ground from y our c irc uit ground to the ground of the c oin s orter, s o that they s hare a c ommon voltage referenc e. The c olor c ode for the c oin-s orter wires is as follows : Cloc k = green wire T (quarter = 1, dime = 0) = red wire Ac c ept = orange wire Ground = blac k wire Power = red wire (do not attac h to y our board!) Ins ert quarters and dimes into the vending mac hine s o that it c y c les through as many s tates as pos s ible to demons trate the c orrec t behavior of y our c irc uit. (The TAs get to k eep any c oins rejec te...
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