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In this ca se you ca n ke e p it until the e nd of se

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Unformatted text preview: In this ca se , you ca n ke e p it until the e nd of se m e ste r. If you ne e d to use te st a nd m e a sure m e nt e quipm e nt, you ca n do so on Tue sda y a nd W e dne sda y 9a m -10:30a m in 146 Eve ritt (ECE 110 la b). The re w ill be a TA a va ila ble for he lp. Sequential logic implementation In this lab, we will c omplete the implementation of the vending mac hine ex ample on y our protoboard. In Lab 8, y ou implemented a c ombinational logic c irc uit that enc oded the s tates of a finite s tate mac hine into two output s ignals "Ac c ept c oin (A)" and "dis pens e Produc t (P)." In Lab 9, y ou des igned the finite s tate mac hine in Mentor Graphic s . In this lab, y ou will work on the protoboard implementation of that s tate mac hine. You will tes t it with the s ens or/ac tuator devic e des c ribed below. Implementing the State Machine on the Protoboard Redes ign y our nex t-s tate logic des ign from Lab 9 s o that it us es only NAND, NOR, and NOT gates (See Lab 8...
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